No Mall Openings for this Hotshot Actress

Sai Pallavi

Sai Pallavi is unlike other Actresses who wishes to make hay while the sun shine. Despite scoring a blockbuster like ‘Fidaa’, She doesn’t want to capitalize on the success to earn some quick bucks.

At the time when Mall Opening offers with fancy prices have been coming her way, Sai Pallavi kept rejecting one after the other saying she can’t do such things. She, however, is keen to take part in charity events and welfare activities without charging any fee if she could allot some time.

The goal of Sai Pallavi is to start her practice as a Doctor. She wishes to continue acting as long as promising roles come her way.

Just alike the character Bhanumathi in ‘Fidaa’, Sai Pallavi is One Piece in real-life as well. Hope, Such a beautiful soul continues to have a great future ahead!



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