Nithin’s Lie Teaser

Nithin’s Lie Teaser

Ashwathama Hatha…. Kunjaraha!’ is the biggest lie a man could have ever heard of. This lie came from the mouth of Dharma Raju during the Kurukshetra war. The theme of Nithiin’s upcoming film ‘LIE’ seems to have a strong connection with this point.

The teaser of ‘LIE’ has just been unveiled and it has captivated the attention of movie goers with arresting visuals, pulsating background score by Mani Sharma, stylish makeover of Nithiin and the intriguing dialogue about ‘lie’ mouthed by Action King Arjun that ends with ‘Ashwathama Hatha….Kunjaraha’. The teaser doesn’t reveal anything about the plot but raises expectations on the film in style.

After making two beautiful love stories, director Hanu Raghavapudi seems to have made a stylish action thriller in his third attempt. Arjun plays antagonist whereas newcomer Megha Akash is playing female lead. LIE will hit screens on August 11.



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