Bigg Boss: Why Is It Bland?

bigg boss

Primary reason behind Bigg Boss reality show to see a massive success in Indian TV circuit is the selection of contestants or say housemates who participated while Boss of the show like Salman Khan for Hindi and Kamal Hasan for Tamil just acted as catalysts in increasing the impact.

In the same way, Junior NTR’s selection for the host post of Bigg Boss Telugu version was a welcome change for monotonous Telugu TV viewers because this is the first ever TV stint for Young Tiger and to be frank, he hasn’t disappointed the viewers. His screen presence, affectionate body language (though cinematic and over the board at times) connected well but what was absolutely depressing was the final contestants list with unpopular names.

What Sampoornesh Babu, Dhanraj will do in this house is still a big question for many. If Madhu Priya and Mahesh Kathi are selected on their controversial image, then true to large extent that they are still unfamiliar for many. Who is this Kathi Karthika? How singer Kalpana known for her fair image fits into the bill?

Archana, Sameer, Prince, Adarsh Balakrishnan, Shiva Balaji and Jyothi are epitome for poorest selection panel employed for Telugu Bigg Boss. Alone Mumaith Khan being from Mumbai circles might make some noise in future.

All in all, NTR alone stood the central attraction on day 1 while unappetizing housemates made the show bland. There’s lot more fire needed to make the show really click in TRP terms.



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